Complete support

Along with the supply of the complete sandwich panel line,
we provide on-site and remote technical assistance as well as spare parts.


Everything you need

Wide range of equipment

Experienced engineers

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Spare parts

The prompt availability of spare parts, both for our equipment and for those from other makers is a much appreciated service we offer. Further to the market parts, we can deliver any type of on-drawing item directly from our internal division of precision mechanics.
All our parts are internally producted by our partner Buson Srl.

Technical service

Delivering an adequate, fast and efficient after-sale support is just as important as providing quality machinery and plants.
Remote assistance, on-site repair staff: these are our customer-care duties thought to maximise our  customers’ experience being always available for any need.

On-site Assistance

Our engineers are always available to make sure your sandwich panel line is always performing at its best.
We offer a complete support at your site for any need it might occur.

Remote support

For a prompt intervention, our best technicians will assist you remotely to diagnose and resolve any issue related to your sandwich panel line.


Plant Displacement

We provide relocation service for any kind of plant through our skilled engineers.

Our support complete project management, planning and execution of all required operations up to final commissioning of the sandwich panel line.

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