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Experience made responsive

Kronn has the dynamism typical of a company formed by a motivated and qualified team with years of experience in the field of continuous sandwich panel lines manufacturing, able to respond to any customer need.

Who we are

People and ideas before products and accounts: this is our founding value. When management meets a professional team, the final result is surely successful.

Aware that we are facing an extremely dynamic and demanding market, we focus on product excellence made in Italy, high flexibility and customization.


What we do

Equipment to produce insulating panels. We develop innovative, performant, eco-friendly and ergonomic systems.

We manufacture and provide turn-key insulated panel lines as well as single machines. Everything is conceived and made at our facilities, where we design and develop mechanics, test hardware and software, assembly logic and wiring.


Our history

The core value of our company is certainly the human capital.

We are a group with decades of experience in the sector of equipment made in Italy for the production of sandwich panels; thanks to know-how, teamwork and management’s attitude, we have established our business with the aim of offering customers a quality alternative and an innovative product.

The company’s growth has been rapid due to the needs of the market that requires a reliable partner for the integration of new machines and solutions of existing continuous sandwich panel lines, as well as a quality supplier for the design and implementation of new systems of last generation.

From the beginning we turned to both the Italian market and the foreign market, convinced of the enormous potential that exists in the global industry; we thus increased steadily our commercial presence, now becoming a reference company worldwide.

Thanks to the results achieved, we have acquired a new production site and unified the corporate headquarters, integrating at the same time, new qualified resources. In this way we can best meet the demands of our customers and respond to the stimulating challenges of an increasingly competitive market.


What makes us stand out

We put our experience, skills and enthusiasm at customers’ service. Listening carefully to their needs and through ongoing research and development, we come to provide ergonomic and high-performance systems that must fully meet their production needs.

“The measure of our success is the success of our customers.”

High Tech High Quality

We make no compromise on quality. We install first quality components and software that bring out the best of the continuous sandwich panel lines features. 

A to Z Manufacturers

All our equipment parts are entirely manufactured at our premises. This allows prompt availability of high-quality components and spare parts for all our clients.

Tailored projects

We keep on listening to our clients’ needs in order to provide ergonomic and high-performance systems that must fully meet all production requirements.

Cost-effective Industrial Solutions

Maximized productivity at the minimum cost. The ideal for hi-volume productions (indicatively >300.000 sq.M. Per year) is an automatic line. A single in-line process feeds all needed materials to the productive unit, delivering finished, packed, shipment-ready panels. Continuous sandwich panel lines allow then a considerable productivity with a high degree of automation, reducing the panel’s industrial cost.

Worldwide supply

Kronn is an innovation-oriented brand.
Our main goal, through constant research and development, is the satisfaction of our customers, manufacturing cutting-edge technology and efficient systems.

We operate worldwide thanks to a deep knowledge of each single market and our made in Italy reputation.

partners for life

Buson Srl

Since 1972, Buson srl has been working in the high precision mechanics and soft carpentry sector and has been growing in time, always respecting your demand and needs of accuracy and precision. The company expertise makes Buson a trusted partner in production and development, taking any project to its highest performance levels, guaranteeing a high standard quality result, optimizing all the production costs.

A to Z Manufacturers

Quality in several directions, different work areas to cover a higher and higher number of requests. Multiple competences and flexibility.
Starting from the work amount, Buson diversifies its service, always meeting client’s requirements and committing to provide a total supply, as a unique entity that can be a reference for several levels of service, for works of different grades of complexity, in various sectors.
Buson expertise is warranty of  an excellent and efficient result in the most different typologies of production.


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